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December 1, 2006
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Nocturnal Public Release by IanWoods Nocturnal Public Release by IanWoods
Nocturnal a bit of the dark side for you >:)
Install instructions in the various read me txt



Added alternate start button (screenshot updated) and some bonus stuff for you guys :D

Icluded the rklauncher (dock) nocturnal theme in screenshot

2 x styler tool bars
nocturnal vs (full and compact start menu + 3 x fonts)
nocturnal mms
Nocturnal FireFox.jar ( 2.0 and 1.5)
wallpaper included but not the one in screen shot that 1 is nfr.
The unmodified version you can download here ---> [link]
generic icon ( screen shot start menu icons )

icons I used are a mix of [link]
and a set called windsor (Hard drives) sry no link :(
If you find a link for them I would love a note from you please.
(modified :D)


I use the following extensions for Firefox 2.0

[link] (far right button in FF screen shot) compacts 'file,edit,view,history,ect' into a drop down menu (select customize on tool bar to drag button onto tool bar .

[link] enhanced sidebar.

[link] create your own color scheme for FF (if U think mine sucks)


Programs I use

Styler toolbar download here---> [link] (don't use shade function it eats memory)

Icon tweaker it's free ----> [link] (don't forget to save system state as... )

RKlauncher free ---> [link]

Super cool app ---> [link]

Task switch if you have plenty open at one time like me :D --> [link]
(uses your start menu background colors)


Thanks to OniRespect for the screen shot wallpaper (mod by me ) original view ---> [link]

Thanks goes to Rich for some FF help and testing --> [link]

Thesuper for ps brushes --> [link]


I appreciate your comment and favs sorry if I don't reply promptly as I will be globe trotting for the next 7 months :D

Enjoy regards
Precapice _


Personal mods allowed but permission needed before you can release it !!!!!
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hey first of all i would like to say "AWESOME DUDE!! YOU ROCK!!" and secondly i tried to use the rk launcher but couldnt quite get your theme to work in it. I extracted the respective file in the theme section of rk launcher "C:\Program Files\RK Launcher 04\themes" but didnt get the option in the drop down menu, can you please help me here??
IanWoods Oct 21, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Sorry it took so long to try I am traveling at the moment.
Also I don't remember how to do it now I have been on mac and ubuntu for years now ... deleted windows with a smile sorry... try google.
np, i got the hang of it later. Thanks for the reply though, i myself forgot to check it :) . Goodluck with the travelling.
IanWoods Oct 30, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Cheers working on the hang over as we speek ;)
can u please tell me how to make my own visual style for windows? please?
I love this theme. But just one thing.. How to enable the "bonus stuff"??
It would be soooo better with those icons...

Thank you =)
IanWoods Jun 21, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Did you read the tut included ?
Yes, but... You said only "zip this there" and I did not ignore the other "not ignore this" :D
What about the "bonus stuff"?

Please help meee T___T
IanWoods Jul 2, 2008  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Try using this it will make your life easier.[link]
YalovaLee Feb 9, 2008   Interface Designer
Hi, very good gallery ;)
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